“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds?”

The abysmal USPS.

I have experienced terrible service for years from either the Williamsburg Post Office (11211) or the U.S. Postal Service in general. For years, whether it was mail, which was correctly addressed to me and returned to sender as “undeliverable” or “address not known” or misdelivered mail, mail thrown on the floor of my vestibule and most recently, or mail forwarding orders not being honored.

Several complaints to USPS.com or USPS customer service went unheeded or closed…

Section A — Introduction and General Description:

“Greed is Good” — until it goes bad. The mortgage crisis of 2007 involved several organizations, from mortgage brokers who provided the means of homeownership by making loans to homebuyers to the investment banks that constantly provided sources of funding using the force of Wall Street. Other companies that played key roles to enable mortgage lending were quasi-public/private organizations, such as the Federal National Mortgage Association, colloquially known as “Fannie Mae,” and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, known as “Freddie Mac.” These companies were government-sponsored enterprises (“GSEs”) intended to federally guarantee mortgages…

So back to New York State Senator Brad Hoylman, who represents Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan. An often proselytizing supporter of the underdog and tolerance has increasingly resorted to some questionable posts on social media — some drawing both unbridled support and criticism from his like-minded constituents and supporters.

Mr. Hoylman is a Harvard-educated lawyer and a man of privilege, who resides in a tony apartment building on 5th Avenue in Greenwich Village, within a stone’s throw of Washington Square Park and the protectorate of New York University.

Despite this, the tone and contents of his official posts on social media…


NYPD Lt. John Dandola of the NYPD Chief of Detectives Investigation Unit, who has been in his position since retired Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce was at the helm of the bureau, purportedly has an ax to grind with some in an adversarial capacity. Go figure.

Lt. John Dandola — credit: New York Daily News

In recent years, Dandola, pursued cases with religious zeal — as some familiar with his methods would say his approach is tantamount to “investigative bias.”

Dandola was recently overheard stating during the course of an investigation “His father’s next, f–king union” and a sergeant replied, “we’re going to crush him like a fucking…

The tip of the iceberg inside the “Stonewall of Silence”

The NYC City Council decided to preemptively remove a fellow councilmember over a slew of ethics charges…

Who responded with a rambling speech with accusations, of course, with the playing of the race card despite the fact that fellow councilmembers who voted for his removal included black and latino lawmakers…I

t is times such as these that constituents and other citizens should examine who they vote for and subsequently elect…from the fraudsters to the unethical but most of all woefully unqualified.

I leave you with this question — who’s watching the lawmakers besides fellow lawmakers and the voter?

It’s time for an Inspector General for all legislative bodies in New York State.

The saga continues…

Stay tuned.


A recent project that I’ve self-initiated, as part of my blog, is exposing the hypocrisy concerning governmental transparency and the demagogues who enjoy the same “privilege” that they tout as race-based and limited to white people. These progressive politicians, self-proclaimed champions of the underserved and the underprivileged meanwhile live protected and privileged lifestyles themselves. For instance, the quite outspoken Jumaane D. Williams, NYC Public Advocate, and a “man of the people” who is no friend of law enforcement and advocates for defunding the police yet lives in not only a gated community but a section of Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn. An…

The theory of Transformational Leadership is crucial to raising morale in a failing or stagnating organization, whether public or private, by instilling hope in employees. When applied properly and by a leader with altruistic intent, Transformational Leadership can heighten productivity and even save an organization. This paper will examine the strengths and weaknesses of Transformational Leadership as a concept and the potential for a transformational leader with malicious intent to exploit followers to benefit himself. …

Leader behaviors associated with in-group, out-group and middle-group members can vary widely in both public and private organizations. The group dynamic is more common in police organizations due to the high stakes of police work, resulting in intense emotions (Haberfeld, 2013a, pg. 37). This paper will examine the different behaviors associated with a leader in their interaction with those specific groups, identify and discuss six indicators of the “in-group,” and discuss the application of Leader-Member Exchange Theory (LMX) in the further development of said team.

Leader behaviors with the in-group in LMX are “two-way communication, trust, leeway and consideration” in…

Every state needs a special prosecutor’s office dedicated to the investigation and prosecution of identity theft/financial fraud, which is often a multi-jurisdictional crime. This would facilitate a robust investigation and prosecution of such crime. There are numerous problems that arise with localized prosecution in the investigation and prosecution of financial crimes and identity theft. It is a pervasive crime and the number of victims, limited government resources, overworked or inexperienced prosecutors, lack of knowledge or understanding of the elements of the crime, and application of the traditional approach to jurisdiction used in physical crimes further compound the problem.

On September…

Brian Erbis

Brian Erbis is a retiring NYPD detective based in New York City. Financial crimes consultant and owner of Brian Erbis Consulting LLC. Freelance blogger.

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