Hypocrisy in the NYPD Detective Bureau


NYPD Lt. John Dandola of the NYPD Chief of Detectives Investigation Unit, who has been in his position since retired Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce was at the helm of the bureau, purportedly has an ax to grind with some in an adversarial capacity. Go figure.

Lt. John Dandola — credit: New York Daily News

In recent years, Dandola, pursued cases with religious zeal — as some familiar with his methods would say his approach is tantamount to “investigative bias.”

Dandola was recently overheard stating during the course of an investigation “His father’s next, f–king union” and a sergeant replied, “we’re going to crush him like a fucking cockroach.” Out of two sergeants present for the investigation, who could that possibly be? To add a touch of swagger and sarcasm, John Dandola stated to the subject, “Tell your dad I said “Hi.”

It was later alleged that Dandola used unethical and possibly coercive tactics in the investigation.

Dandola allegedly turned off the tape recorder during some official interviews against NYPD guidelines and possibly made false statements in his reports. I’m curious how local district attorneys haven’t taken in interest in this since it has been adopted an operating philosophy over recent years to broadly interpret what constitutes an “instrument.” Other police officers have been charged with “Offering a False Instrument For Filing” under New York State Penal Law 175.35, an E felony.

Dandola has baggage of his own. Shocking. He was apparently accused in 2016 of manipulating internal tests.

Deputy Commissioner Joseph “Sloppy Joe” Reznick of NYPD Internal Affairs didn’t discipline Dandola over the incident according to a source.

Deputy Commissioner Joseph Reznick — credit: New York Daily News

In lieu of internal charges, Reznick transferred Dandola to a Queens precinct, people familiar with the move said. Which seems to be amongst many double standards Reznick applies in a despotic manner. Those who worked on the “dark side” could attest that there is no rhyme or reason in the actions that Reznick undertakes or orders. No change in duty status, no “highway therapy” — and somewhere along the line Dandola was allowed to work in an investigative capacity once again.

Dandola has prospered throughout. His salary in 2019 was $202,038 — up 68% from the $120,031 he earned in 2014. Top pay for a Lieutenant in the NYPD is $125,531. Does Lieutenant Dandola rate $76,507 in overtime? According to SeeThroughNY, his employment has been increasingly lucrative throughout recent years.

It is also further alleged that Dandola choked a fellow officer who accepted a subpoena on his behalf regarding a recent lawsuit. Credible allegations of workplace violence. Perhaps inner anger fuels his vitriol? According to the Civilian Complaint Review Board, Dandola was the subject of two civilian complaints, one of which for force. Both seemed to arise from the same incident.

And again no change in duty status by Reznick, who likes to still refer to himself as “Chief Reznick” despite being retired at the mandatory age of 63, accepting a deputy commissioner title instead of enjoying his pension and retirement. Hey Joe, there’s life after the job. Ah, institutionalization…

And yet, no action was taken by Police Commissioner Dermot Shea or NYPD Internal Affairs regarding the alleged misconduct Dandola committed in his investigation. Where is the Civilian Complaint Review Board on this regarding “abuse of authority?” Or the NYC Department of Investigation NYPD Inspector General?

Yet, Reznick routinely demotes any ranks not covered by “white shirt immunity.”

Speaking of conflicts of interest, a recent complaint against Dandola is being overseen by Inspector Edward Armstrong, Dandola’s commanding officer.

I’m not shocked, all the signs of stonewalling.

Retire, John. Judging by a common-sense approach to interpreting that picture, you’re a fan of the drink. Your words — “it will behoove you.”

Brian Erbis is a retiring NYPD detective based in New York City. Financial crimes consultant and owner of Brian Erbis Consulting LLC. Freelance blogger.